Serving Communities in Christ's Love

Flood Relief Work Efforts

The recent floods in Cuddalore and Chennai killed about 300 people and made thousands suffer without proper food, shelter and other basic necessities. On December 10, 2015, our ministry team helped about 150 flood-victim families of Cuddalore, with 300 bread packets, 50 night dresses for women, 20 night wears for men, 50 dresses for children; 200 biscuit packets, 500 mosquito coils and repellents, 200 cleaning solutions, 200 pain relief balms, 200 water bottles, 400 wax candles, 400 match boxes, 50 floor mats and 100 soaps. Basic medicine like Paracetomol, pain killer tablets, skin ointment for rashes, pantoprazole tablets for stomach troubles and antibiotic capsules were given to 200+ people. We are thankful to all those who prayed, helped and voluntarily involved in the work alongside our leaders, Dr. John Emmanuel, Project Director and Rev. Y. Rathinamoni, General Secretary.

Redeem India is a Christian charitable mission organization with an aim to reach, train and serve  the  people of India in Christ's love. Donations to Redeem India are 100% tax-exempt under 80 (G) of the Income Tax of India.

The main focus of Redeem India Ministries is to strengthen the indigenous independent church by encouraging, equipping and empowering its leaders through On-field Theological Training Workshops and  carry on the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also actively involves in social action which is integral to the gospel.

"With global partnerships and local initiatives, strengthen the indigenous church and reach the unreached in India by Equipping local pastors, Educating poorer children and Empowering socially marginalized  and suffering communities." Know more >>> 

 Our Foundation

Three main biblical commands~

  • Great Commission :

             Making Disciples (Matt 28:18-20)

  • Great Commandment:

             Loving Neighbors (Matt 22:39)

  • Great Responsibility

            Preparing Leaders for Ministry                   (Ephesians. 4:11-12)        

Visionary                          Rev. Manohar James is a second generation believer and an ordained minister who suffered beatings during his ministry in India>>   

Our hearts go out for the suffering,  underprivileged and the uncared children of our developing nation, India. This overpopulated nation has about 35 million orphan children who are neglected by their neighborhood communities. 11 million children live on streets who are simply ignored by thousands of passersby. 500,000 female children between age 5 and 10 are forced into sex trade every year because of their poverty, innocence, physical inability and illiteracy. Task is so huge that no single organization will be able to redeem all of them. But together we can change some of their destiny. Please help us with your resources.  Read a story  to find out more on what we do to transform them.


Another area of our concern is rural women in India, especially widows and older women, who are victims of various abuses. One of the reasons they often suffer is due to lack of care from their household membersSuch women still face stigmatization, isolation and emotional trauma. Weren't they made in the image of God just as men were? Unfortunately a very few organizations are concerned about them. We want to give them hope not only on earth, but also afterlife in Christ. Find out how we can touch their lives together. Read more >>>


In addition to lack of discipleship, the majority church in India is facing contextualization issues in presenting the gospel. Rural churches are multiplying, but not really growing strong spiritually as much as the urban churches do. The major reason for this setback is the rise of independent, indigenous and self-made Church-planters and pastors who never had any sort of theological training or guidance from the institutional churches. Redeem India is committed to equip the them in their call through well-designed Field Training Workshops so that...>>>  more    

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